• SEED workshops cover topics related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. 
  • Workshops are peer-led: They are co-facilitated by trained, undergraduate Peer Educators and the workshop participants are CSU undergraduate students.
  • Workshops include discussions/dialogues and interactive activities. They provide an opportunity for students to engage in self-reflection, learn from each other, and build skills to help them contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and just campus community.
  • Workshops are most effective for groups between 8-40 participants, and SEED can potentially work with groups that are larger and smaller. Let us know what you are looking for.
  • Workshops usually require 1.5 hours. If you are looking for a workshop shorter than 1.5 hours, please contact us and we can discuss what is possible based on your goals. 
  • Please request workshops 3 weeks in advance to provide enough time for workshop scheduling, development, and preparation. Workshop requests can be sent to

Workshop Topics

Increase knowledge and awareness of issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Introduction to Social IdentitiesParticipants review definitions and become familiar with multiple dimensions of identity (gender, religion, class, race, ability, etc.). Participants will reflect on their own identities, why these matter, how they connect to social inequalities, and how they can impact group dynamics.

Bias AwarenessParticipants will engage in an interactive group activity to recognize their conscious and unconscious biases. Participants will consider where stereotypes and assumptions come from and discuss how to mitigate and unlearn biases to create more inclusive communities. 

Communicating Across Difference Participants will play a card game activity called BARNGA. The activity prompts reflection and conversation about communication assumptions, expectations, and norms and the challenges of communicating across groups, communities, cultures, languages, etc. Specifically, the activity can open up conversations about rules and norms, socialization, social identities, systems of privilege and oppression, discrimination and bias, and how to enter/exit communities. *This activity requires at least 14 participants and works best with 20-60. This activity can only be offered in-person, not online. 

Privilege & OppressionParticipants will consider both their privileged/dominant and marginalized identities and reflect on how they have been impacted by, perpetuated, and/or disrupted oppression. Participants will discuss how privilege and oppression are connected building inclusive communities. *This workshop will be most beneficial for participants who are already familiar with their multiple social identities and how these give them more or less access to power and resources in society. 

AllyshipParticipants will develop their understanding of allyship by considering what an ally is and isn’t. Participants will also learn about the personal resources (passion, knowledge/awareness, skills, and action) needed to practice more effective allyship and inventory where they have more developed resources vs. where they need to continue growing. 

Build and practice skills to better dialogue/engage across differences:

Dialoguing DifferenceIn this workshop, participants will learn about dialogue, which is distinct from other common modes of communication like discussion or debate. A dialogic approach can help groups with multiple perspectives to discuss complex issues and work through conflict. Participants will experience different modes of communication and then have a chance to practice dialoguing as a group.  

Empathetic/Effective Listening In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a particular technique or strategy for listening, practice their listening skills together, and then discuss application and action particular to their roles or context. 

In addition to the frequently requested workshops above, SEED can also develop a custom workshop for your group if you have a specific topic or goal in mind.